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Chief Information Security Officers Europe

Remaining One Step Ahead: Tackling The Information Security Problems Of Tomorrow
2-3 November, 2021: Leading Virtual Summit for InfoSec Executives


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The must-attend Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) Europe will return 2-3 November, 2021. Exclusively designed for today's infosec leaders focused on The Evolution of Information Security for a New World. Join us online to:

  • Learn from, network, and share knowledge with forward-thinking leaders from some of the most recognizable brands in the world.
  • Hear how your peers are utilizing emerging technology, evaluating their processes, and learn how to move forward with your own.
  • Discuss organizational challenges/ successes and the business of information Security with your peers.

On desktop, laptop, and tablet, don't miss out on joining live.  


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Network with Hundreds of Live Attendees

Meet Senior Decision Makers From Across Europe

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Learn From & Network With Those At The Forefront Of Information Security

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Explore Our Virtual Exhibition And Find the Latest & Greatest Solutions Available

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Catch-up with On-Demand Sessions

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Confirmed Speakers Include:



9:00 - 9:40am GMT

Panel Discussion: Post-pandemic Data Security and Privacy Challenges: How To Successfully Mitigate Risk From Returning Remote Workers

  • How can businesses improve cyber security processes before workers return to the office?
  • What are the areas of concern businesses will need to be aware of?
  • How can you implement the right strategies to mitigate cyber threats?
  • How to navigate privacy and data security challenges in the post-pandemic climate.


Reza Salari, Head of Business Information Security (BISO), Pacific Life RE 
Ali Baccouche, Regional Information Security & Data Privacy Officer, Texas Instruments
Agustina Villamide, Legal Counsel Privacy & Data Protection Officer, Dott
9:40 - 10:10am GMT

Keynote Presentation: From Risk to Recovery: Rethinking Security Across Your Supply Chain

Managing your enterprise risks goes beyond cybersecurity within your organization. You still own and are accountable for your third-party risks within your supply chain. Better preparedness and resilience towards cyberattacks require adapting your enterprise risk model. Amidst growing complexity of supply chains,

- How can you better manage the risks and impact of your third-parties on your business?
- What are the biggest learnings from the Solar Winds cyber attack? 
- How can you rethink cybersecurity to manage your risks effectively from risk to recovery?


Monica Verma, CISO, Helsedirektoratet

10:10 - 10:40am GMT

Keynote Presentation: More Threats, More Systems, More Locations: The Challenges of Scaling Security

  • There are more threats, with far smarter attacks and hackers than ever before. When coupled with the massive growth in systems, endpoints and platforms as well as the wide array of tools and solutions, it can be overwhelming. The multi-location security dream is only achievable with DevSecOps and artificially intelligent tooling to help humans scale.
  • Join the Snapt team discussion to gain insights on global trends so you can future-proof your systems. Dave will share his approach to AI and how it, when combined with machine
    learning, can augment humans and what DevSecOps teams' roles are in scaling and automating responses to these trends.

Speaker: Dave Blakey, CEO, Snapt

10:40 - 11:10am GMT

Networking Break

11:10 - 11:40am GMT

Keynote Presentation: Model Digital Platform Centric Businesses Requires a “Security Shift"

  • Keeping pace with modern Agile developer practices requires rethinking traditional risk-based approaches to become highly automated
  • Security controls needs to be designed for continuous compliance in the Cloud as opposed to periodic risk assessment
  • In this session, you will hear on approaches to integrate security to digital platforms reducing risk from a marketplace ecosystem

Speaker: Khadir Fayaz, VP, Global Enterprise Architecture & Cyber Security, CBRE

11:40 - 12:10pm GMT

Keynote Presentation: A How-To Guide: Navigating the Top 7 Trends in Third-Party Risk Management

The world of third-party risk management is rapidly changing. Each day, organizations like yours face new security, privacy, and compliance threats when working with third parties. The good news is there are world-class teams around the world that are paving the way with new best practices for the next generation of third-party risk management. In working with hundreds of these organizations, we’ve seen first-hand what it takes to be successful and secure when working with third parties.

So, is your third-party risk management program ahead of the curve? Attend this session to find out and learn more about:

- New trends in the third-party risk industry
- What emerging threats you can expect and how to address them


Hayley Pettitt, Senior Solutions Engineer, OneTrust

12:10 -12:50pm GMT
  • How can a resilient cyber culture help organisations improve their business resilience posture and mitigate risks more effectively?
  • How do you ensure your staff is your most valuable asset to countering cyber threat
  • Is a commitment to company culture really the key to success?


Lee Whatford, CISO, Domino’s Pizza
Gary Scobie, Deputy CISO, University of
Daniela Lourenco, Business Information Security Officer, CarNext

  • What strategies can businesses implement to increase the presence of women in cyber security?
  • How can we promote tailored training programs in cyber security?
  • What steps can we take to reduce the gendered bias within the industry?


Victoria Van Roosmalen, CISO, COOSTO

Deborah Haworth, CISO, Penguin Random House UK

Claudia Natanson, CISO, Accuweather (Chairwoman of UK Cyber Council)

12:50 –1:30pm GMT

Networking Break 

Speaker Meet & Greet

1:30 –2:10pm GMT

Panel Discussion: Third Party But First Priority: How To Effectively Monitor Your Supply Chain To Reduce Risk

Third Party But First Priority: How To Effectively Monitor Your Supply Chain To Reduce Risk

  • Exploring the need for increased monitoring across your supply chain past the first level and how to implement this into your business strategy for success.
  • What are the best practises for vetting your suppliers during onboarding and how to shorten this process whilst maximising security.
  • Discussing the challenges of maximising connectivity that will enable the business to respond quickly to issues and shocks, building greater resilience into operations.


Moderated by Stuart Phillips, Product Marketing Director - Cyber, Interos

Simone Pezzoli, Group Information Security Officer, Autostrade per l'Italia
Tomas Martinkenas, Director of Security and Privacy, Vinted
Christos Syngelakis, Group Chief Information Security Officer, Motor Oil

2:10 –2:40pm GMT

Keynote Presentation – Nurturing Tomorrow’s Cyber Talent: How To Sustain A Cyber Security
Sector Fit for the Future

  • What are the proven good practises in the training of staff?
  • How you, as an organisation, can bridge the gap in the employment market.
  • What ways can we attract a diverse range of talent to the cyber security world?


Goher Mohammad, Head Of Information Security, L&Q Group

2:40 –3:10pm GMT

Networking Break

Speaker Meet & Greet

3:10pm GMT

End of Day 1

9:40 - 10:10pm GMT

Panel Discussion: WannaCry Ransom Attack: Lessons Learned 4 Years Later

  • Why are organisations still dealing with the fallout from the WannaCry cyber attack?
  • What are the key takeaways from the WannaCry attack?
  • How have lessons learnt been successfully implemented in business strategy?
  • How public-private partnerships and increased investments in healthcare cyber security will be key to shoring up the healthcare industry and safeguarding critical infrastructure.


Nikolaos Thymianis, CISO, Caresocius

Ste Watts, Group Head of Security Operations, Aldermore Bank PLC

Marius Poskus, IT Security Operations Analyst, Dominos Pizza

10:10 - 10:40am GMT

Keynote Presentation: Quantum Technologies in Europe: Making Sense of The EU’s Commitment To
Quantum Technology

  • How the EU is working towards a securer future? An exploration of the relevance of quantum technologies in Europe.
  • How can quantum technology be applied to cyber security?
  • What does this mean for businesses operations?


Alexandre Pieyre, Group Information Security Leader, IQEQ

10:40 - 11:20am GMT
  • What are the common mistakes organisations make when responding to a data breach?
  • How to carry out an effective post-breach review to survey and contain the incident
  • How to create and practise a data breach response plan?

Branko Dzakula, CISO, Kaia Health

Victoria Van Roosmalen, CISO, COOSTO

Magdalena Avanesia, Legal Counsel & Privacy Officer, TheTechLawyer

How do we know our controls are fully protecting us at all times?

That’s the killer question in a ransomware-ridden world where cyber moves towards becoming an uninsurable risk for some.

Measuring, comprehending and attesting to cybersecurity posture is taking over our lives as teams spend more than a 30% of their time on reporting. There are ever more interested stakeholders who demand more detailed, more regular insight into security – execs, audit, insurers, customers, the list grows.

Data quality typically falls short on completeness, timeliness, and accuracy, as teams are drowning in manual workloads and disputes.

In this discussion, we consider the following questions: 

  • What are the main challenges in creating trustworthy cyber risk reports based on high-quality data?
  • How do we level-up assurance processes to catch up with other departments?
  • What can we do to help increase the chance of getting a reasonable cyber insurance policy? And possibly even reduce premiums?


Nik Whitfield, Chairman, Panaseer

Enrico Maria Cestari, CIO, Casavo

Tim Burnett, Security Architect, Costain Group PLC

Paraskevas Panayi, Head Information Security Risk Management, Bank Of Cyprus

Robert Di Schiavi, Group Cyber Security Lead, N Brown Group

Dr Rachel Anne Carter, Director, The Geneva Association 

11:20 - 11:50am GMT

Networking Break


11:50 - 12:20pm GMT

Keynote Presentation: What’s Next For The Role Of The CISO?

  • How and why C-level executives are at the forefront of phishing attacks.
  • An outlook on future threats CISOs are dealing with.
  • Revisiting the question of where the CISO should sit on the board.


  • Urmas Aamisepp, Information Secruity Risk ManagerEpiroc

12:20 - 1:00pm GMT

Panel Discussion – Old But Persistent: Why Does Ransomware Continue To Dominate The Threat

  • Exploring the future of ransomware attacks and how to future-proof your organisation.
  • How criminals are leveraging cyber technology to find potential attack paths and how you can
    stop them in their tracks.
  • Out of the endless of ways to prevent ransom attacks, which method truly is right for your


Milos Pesic, Global Head of Information and Cyber Security, Marken
Rafael Narezzi, Chief Technology Officer, CF Partners
Stephen Khan, Chairman, ClubCISO
1:00 - 1:30pm GMT

Speaker Meet & Greet

1:30pm GMT

Close of Conference

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